SQAA - Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency

NAKVIS - Nacionalna agencija Republike Slovenije za kakovost v visokem šolstvu

Information on the agency's work

The Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency (NAKVIS) is responsible for the comparability and international recognition of the Slovenian higher education area, and advocates the constant improvement of its quality. It acts in content and formally responsible, professional and independent and advisory to all stakeholders in tertiary education in accordance with European and global trends.

Activities within the scope of ESG

  • Accreditation of international joint programmes
  • Accreditation of new study programmes
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  • Assessing the requirements for entry of transnational higher education to the SQAA register
  • External evaluation and extraordinary evaluation of higher education institutions
  • External evaluation and extraordinary evaluation of international joint study programmes
  • External evaluation and extraordinary evaluation of study programmes
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  • Initial accreditation of higher education institutions
  • Notifications of international joint programmes and programmes of the international associations of universities accredited abroad
  • Re-accreditation of higher education institutions
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  • Archived entry - activity that was carried out in the past Re-accreditation of study programmes
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Higher education systems where SQAA carried out external QA activities

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